About the Rocalta Experience . . .

This is a bunch of important stuff!

The Rocalta Difference

Yes, this is a different type of atmosphere for sure.  First, our bar and lounge resembles a combination of first class spa and five star hotel lobby.  It's chill, but warm and welcoming.  You will find our staff to be engaging and attentive.  We want to set the right mood for great conversation and mingling among guests!

No Shoes in Play Areas

But, we provide your personal disposable spa slippers!   You mark them to make them your own (be artistic!) and simply toss them out when you leave.  They will be in your personal member locker along with fluffy towels large enough to surround you.  Oh, we should mention - no clothing allowed in the play areas! 

Lockers and Bathrooms

Lockers are provided adjacent to our spacious bathrooms and co-ed shower area. The women's room is complete with hair blowers and make-up counter.

Clean Air

For the comfort and health of all members, no smoking or vaping allowed in the club or parking areas.  Smoking is allowed only on the enclosed outdoor patio.


We listened to your responses to our recent survey!  Our revised schedule reflects what most of our friends want.  We know it may not be perfect for every person, but we do intend to expand the schedule with afternoon events in the future.

More Excellent Features Will be Announced . . .

Regular Event Pricing  (Subject to change for certain holidays and special events)

In addition to the membership fee these are the projected regular door admission fees:



JOIN (click above)

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for the date you want to attend


When you arrive,

all we need to do is check your ID

(be sure to print and bring

your membership card)

Monday - Tuesday - Wednesday


Please contact us to inquire about booking a special private event for your group!



Couples   $60

Single Female   $20

Single Male $100



Couples   $90

Single Female   $25

Single Males

(Every other Friday) $100



Couples $110

Single Female   $20

Single Male (Not Tonight)



Couples $60

Single Female $20

Single Male $100

Refund Policy

Rocalta does not issue cash refunds.  However, a club credit may be issued for a future visit.*

Membership and/or nightly user fee transactions are FINAL when events are booked or pre-paid (registered). We will not issue a refund or credit of any kind for a special event, including Valentine’s Day, New Year’s Eve and Halloween.  During these peak times, we order our supplies, etc. for the event and cannot return such items after the event has passed. Therefore, you agree to forfeit your reservation if you miss the event.  Upon the discretion of management, they may issue you a credit to your account for a future visit.*

Discounts may be offered to our members on various nights.  Please inform the front desk staff that you are on a guest list or in theme PRIOR to paying for your entry.  This will avoid any confusion of fee prices after the cashier has checked you in.  Check your credit card receipt for errors before you sign your slip.  Once you leave the front desk, we will not issue a credit to your card.

*Future visit credits cannot be used during holiday weekends or special events including: Valentine’s Day, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Halloween, and New Year’s Eve.

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