About a year ago I wrote, "If we take the best examples of past success, it should last until early August 2020.  If we are smart, we take that lesson from historical data, not from politics. We believe Rocalta should be able to open in September 2020, if we all act smart."

Well, so much for my optimism.  But, we count our blessings and continue prayers for those not so fortunate.

So, what is going on with Rocalta?

We had to let go of our proposed location on Powerline road because the pandemic just kept going.  We did not want to open until we were sure we could stay open and not be subject to new restrictions that could come with another surge.

Now that vaccines are rolling out and numbers are coming down, we are actively working on another location.  It seems that the available spots just keep getting better!  We cannot reveal our latest target location yet.  But it is very exciting.  

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