Club Policies

  • 1.  This is the fundamental etiquette in swinging, the right to say ‘no’.  It is simple and straightforward, and polite to say ‘no, thank you’.  You will be asked to leave the club if you violate this rule.

    2.  Drugs are prohibited.  Any sort of drugs will not be tolerated in any way.  Anyone found with drugs will result in immediate removal from the club.  (Of course, possession of any weapon will cause you to be immediately banned for life.)  Smoking may be allowed only on the outside patio area.  But, smoking and vaping are strictly forbidden anywhere in the club or parking area.  

    3.  Remember to bath or shower before attending events. If you play with another partner, please wash up before playing with another.  The club has showers - you are welcome use them.  Towels will be available.

    4.  Condoms are a must. It is up to us to protect ourselves as well as your partners.

    5.  Discretion is paramount. So, what happens in Rocalta stays in Rocalta.

    6.  Although we provide lockers for valuables, money and documents,  we cannot guarantee their safety.   So, bring only what you need to enjoy your time with us.  

    7.  Admission is restricted to adults only.  Single men are allowed at specified times, but may be limited.  Everyone must respect each other and our policies.

    8.  If you appear to be intoxicated, you will be asked to leave.  Guests who arrive apparently drunk will not be allowed to enter the club.   

    9.  Dress to impress!  Sports clothes, shorts, etc. are allowed in the daytime (it is Florida after all) but are not acceptable for evening wear.  Be sharp and be sexy!

    10.  Taking pictures is absolutely not allowed.  Cameras and mobile phones with cameras are forbidden.  Please leave them in club lockers immediately upon arrival.

    11.  Please respect our workers.  Our staff is there to help you should you have any questions, and to take care of you while you are our guest. Please treat them with respect and courtesy. 

    12.  We have the right to refuse or revoke admission to anyone at anytime.

    13.  When you are done using an area, do not forget to clean up after yourself.  Dispose of condoms, wrappers, napkins in trash bin and if something happens to make a mess not easy to clean up please inform someone from the staff.  We are happy to assist!

    14.  Most important, have a good time, act out your fantasies, explore your own sexuality and enjoy everything this lifestyle has to offer with enthusiasm, laughter and a positive attitude!


You will be required to review and agree to the complete Bylaws and Membership Agreement when applying for membership, online or in person.

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