New Rocalta Interior Design - over 7,000 square feet!

Our unique new floor plan has movable wall units!  Yes, the whole club can be reconfigured  every week for a fresh new look with erotic themes and fantasy play areas!

Plus - VIP rooms by reservation - 7 showers - huge play areas - themed walls - great sound - and so much more!

Rocalta Movable Wall Units . . . 

This changes everything! - Quite literally!

Movable wall units allow us to reconfigure the floor plan and change the size, shape and number of play areas, and even the main lounge.  And, we can change the decor of the panels to include video, lighting and themes to make the club seem like a new place from week to week!   


The photo shows an unfinished mock-up wall unit.

Our imaginations are running wild!

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