An Update Message From Paul & Raquel . . .

During the past year we have worked hard to put Rocalta on the map.  And, it is still going to happen.  There have been some wild rumors and inaccurate press, so here is the real deal: 

The City of Fort Lauderdale approved our business license in September 2019.  But, we suffered a set-back when we later uncovered problems with the building on 13th Street.  Significant alterations had been made to that building without permits in the years before we entered into our lease.  Those un-permitted improvements constituted code violations that impacted us.

We also spent time and money doing a lot of work in the building, but none that required permits as determined by the City.  When we presented all the building's problems to the landlord, he refused to acknowledge them and insisted we fix them at our expense.  We did not plan or capitalize for that.

After trying to work things out for several weeks, we had no choice but to rescind the lease and file a law suit against the property owner. (Broward Circuit Court Case No. CACE 20005059)  And, the City has since opened Code Enforcement cases against the owner regarding those prior alterations. (Case Nos. CE20020635 and BE20040104.)  It is unfortunate, but those are issues for that building owner to resolve and we must move on so Rocalta can finally open.  Some community "activists" boasted to the Sun Sentinel appearing to have influenced our move.  Simply not true.

Now The Good News!  We have located a new building in Fort Lauderdale and are excited to get things moving again!  The City has approved the transfer of our business license to the new location.  Of course, we will not open until after the Covid-19 threat has passed and the building is ready.  Meanwhile, check out our new Location page and Interior page.  This venue allows us to include many more of the features we always wanted to provide and some new ideas we have heard from you!

Stay well & safe so we can meet and welcome you to Rocalta in the near future!

Rocalta Swingers NudeAbout Rocalta

Rocalta is a private swingers club coming to Fort Lauderdale in 2021. We are all about sensuality in a relaxing atmosphere that invokes passion.  No pretense of being anything else.  No mirrored disco balls, no dancing poles.  No thumping loud music.  Think of a five star hotel lounge bar with places to sink back, relax, chat, flirt and with the added feature of fun places to play in our decorated back area venues


Fort Lauderdale SwingersMemberships

Everyone allowed into the swingers' club must purchase a monthly membership regardless of partnership status.  Memberships can be obtained online or at the club.  Valid ID must be verified at the front desk before entry, but joining in advance will speed things up!  A nightly user fee will also apply.


Fort Lauderdale Adult Lifestyle ClubEvents

Afternoon delights!  Couples only events! Theme Nights! These are just a few of the unique happenings on our schedule.  Looking for a new approach to encounter others, or just enjoy your sex partner?  Check our schedule designed to accommodate your active life.  No need to stay up all night just to find fun people!


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